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DGProShop was an integral part of the former Birdshot-DGProShop. Beginning in 2007, the DGProShop portion was mainly the event vendor, but over the last few years the DGProShop component transitioned to the full time administrator and vendor. This was while all the original Birdshot members were transitioning to other things in their own personal lives. Original members included Chuck ‘DPDiscer’ Conaway, Billy ‘Birdshot’ Gilbert, Tiff and Patrick Brogdon, Dolla Bill Thomason and Chris & Melissa McGregor. The McGregor’s moved to Chicago, Dolla Bill got married, Tiff and Patrick started a family, DPDiscer got married… and Billy retired and began pursuing his other passion music.

The group had a solid run, even when we couldn’t all be there, from 2007 to 2013 running monthly sanctioned tournaments. But the life transitions depleted the supply of help and by 2014 it was time to regroup. It was all good though because during those tournament production years we set the example by which other groups in our area formed and began producing tournaments. In 2014 the calendar of Birdshot events was cut from 11 to 6 and with other events Birdshooters (as we became known) actually got to just… play! At that point the players left standing from Birdshot-DGProShop were the DGProShop component members Andi & Don Young of Spring Valley Golf & Disc Golf. In 2015 Spring Valley changed their brand logo and decided it was time to incorporate all of their various disc golf endeavors under one website name, thus we bring you our original disc golf website name… dgproshop.com.

The dgproshop.com site will continue much in the same fashion as Birdshop-DGProShop site did. It will be where you register for our events plus it will provide updates and information about new disc golf items and shipments to Spring Valley and what’s happening at D’Andi’s Tavern on the Green. We’re also going to post links to other area events just to make it easier to find out what else is happening, besides our events, when you’re deciding when and where to play.

We will always carry the history of Birdshot-DGProShop because the result is now going to be carried on by DGProShop. So… we’ll be seeing you hitting the links and… Thanks for Playin!!