Spring Valley DGProShop
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Sat & Sun: 8am-6pm
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DGProShop Event Policies

Registration Policies

  • Online registration for all DGProShop PDGA tournaments closes on the day before the tournament, if it is not already full.
  • Mailed in registration forms with payment must be received by the published deadlines listed on the event registration page.
  • Day Of registration (if an event is not filled) will incur a $5 late registration fee.
  • Division caps for certain events will be used to balance out playing fields.
  • Division minimums are the descretion of the DGProShop Event TD
  • PDGA ratings will be used and enforced in determining player division.
  • If a player is not a current PDGA member they will pay the additional $10 Non or Not Current PDGA player fee.
  • Non current players who register online and update their membership by tournament time must show proof of current membership to receive a refund of the $10 Non-Current fee.

Withdraw and Refund Policy

Ace Pot Policy

  • An Ace will be defined as having only 1 throw from the teebox into the basket and the disc being removed by the thrower. It will be confirmed by a score of 1 on the scorecard.
  • If a player goes OB and retees from the teebox and puts the disc in the basket, this will not be considered an Ace. An unplayable lie would be another example. Any retee will not be considered an Ace.
  • The Ace Pot will not be paid to a player that hits an Ace during a playoff for 1st place in a division. Playoffs are not recorded on the scorecard and only scores on the scorecard are official for tournament play.
  • If playing doubles partners, and one of the players on a team hits an Ace, DGProShop recommends splitting it evenly between the partners, but that is up to the partners how they handle the winnings. The Ace Pot will be paid in full to the player that hits the Ace.
  • If playing doubles partners, the Ace Pot is optional for either partner. The player that throws the Ace must have paid into the Ace Pot to be paid.
  • If playing tough shot doubles partners, and one partner hits the Ace,the player that hit the Ace will be paid and the card will mark the Ace, since in tough shot the hole is finished when one of the partners discs goes in the basket.

Miscellaneous Policies

  • The 2 meter rule is TDs decision at a DGProShop tournament. If TD does not mention it, then by default, it is not in effect.
  • Tournament scorecards are kept for one previous calendar year.
  • Mulligans are not available at any DGProShop Tournament.
  • Cell phones need to be turned off or put on vibrate for all DGProShop tournaments. Noise distractions are a courtesy violation. Outgoing calls are allowed anytime it will not distract the thrower.
  • At PDGA tournaments, if 50% or more of the holes have OB, then there will be a $20 voucher given to the player that has no OB for the whole tournament. If there are more than one player that achieves this, then the player with lower score wins.
  • If a player beats the current best score on a specific course layout in a DGProShop tournament, that player will receive $20 cash award.